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Silica Gel Industry Cooperation Project
一、产业发展现状Current Development Status
There are nearly 10 enterprises manufacturing silica gel in Rushan with an annual production capacity of more than 120,000 tons and one third share of the domestic market. Therefore, Rushan has become the largest silica gel production base in Asia and its products mainly include silica gel cat litter, kiselgel A, silochrom, blue silica gel indicator, pressure swing adsorption silica gel, desiccant and so on.
二、项目合作内容Project Cooperation
The existing silica gel enterprises mainly focus on initial processing. Thus, the product varieties are relatively single as well as their added value is relatively low. In order to produce high-end products, such as modified silica gel, medical purified silica gel, delusterant, aerogel, beer silica gel and so on, more effects will be made to develop the silica gel intensive processing by means of sole investment, joint venture or cooperation. 

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